Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pinhole Photography

After stumbling upon the pinhole photography of Ardine Nelson I really began to understand what incredible work could be done with a pinhole camera. Every camera has it's own unique signature and when placed in a capable hands that feel passionate about the camera it yields magic. This is certainly the case with Nelson. Her wide angle, ground level photographs take us into a dreamlike world invisible without the camera. Eric Renner was kind enough to lend me a Leonardo 4x5 pinhole camera and I quickly decided it was not for me. I remain a fascinated viewer of pinhole photographs. The latest ones I admire are those of Craig Barber's Ghosts in the Landscape series. The pinhole effects is greatly enhanced by seeing two photographs placed side by side to form a panoramic with a center that doesn't line up with how the eye would see this long horizontal space. You can build your own camera as these photographers did or buy one from Pinhole Resource.

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