Saturday, July 26, 2008

Barbara Bosworth

From at least 1998 with "Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming" until at least 2002 with "National Champion Elliota, Georgia" - Barbara Bosworth has produced a series of landscapes with an exciting unnatratural panoramic perspective by exposing 2 to 4 sheets of 8dx10 black and white film in sequence and contact printing the results. The photographs glow with rich textures from this grainless printing process. Tonal scale and the formality/informality of the composition vary a lot from print to print.

The "Songbirds" series begins with a very simple snapsot composition as seen in "Indigo Bunting 2003" - the main subject is dead center with a very sharp focus. The background is out of focus - a dark blue sweater or jacket, a woman' hand holding the bird, green growth in back of her. The size of the print brings the bird up to life size. The resolution of the print is so high and the color so accurate that the bird almost looks real enough to touch. This emphasizes how frail a songbird is. This same composition appears in "Grackle 2004" and "Black-billed Cuckoo 2005". The 2 series are very different but equally as interesting.


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