Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shawn Rocco

Shawn Rocco is making amazing photographs with a cellphone. Making photographs as art with a cellphone is nothing new. I briefly wrote about this in my blog 2 years ago

The thing that makes Rocco’s work very different is much of the cellphone art photographs out there aspire to be art. This is the real thing. Rocco’s work is well composed and reflects art styles that are presently being shown with other types of cameras. A detailed article about him appears in today’s New York Times.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Chelsea Photography Galleries

One of the best ways to fully understand what photography as art is all about is to go a photography gallery. If you live near New York City you should visit the galleries in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. The Chelsea Gallery District is bordered by 29th street in the North, 13th street in the South, 11th Avenue in the West, and 7th Avenue in the East. Not all of the galleries are photography galleries, but there is enough photography to spend a full day there.

Seeing photography in a gallery is an exciting experience. Most photographs shown are many times larger than what is reproduced in a book. Although both books and photographs are printed on paper in most cases the paper used for an exhibit more clearly shows texture and color than what appears in a book. The work exhibited is the product of gallery staff people having sorted thru hundreds, or even thousands of portfolios from all over the world and exhibiting what they consider to be the world’s very best contemporary photography.

A complete listing of what is being exhibited in Chelsea can be previewed before your visit by going to

A partial list of photographs being exhibited in Chelsea can be found at

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