Friday, July 03, 2009

Feature Photography/The National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery has a great portrait show right now. It features 6 photographers who work with magazines. These are photographers who are also involved in areas outside of magazine photography

1 Alec Soth works w/ Magnum and represented by Gagosian Gallery.
2 Jocelyn Lee teaches at Princeton and received a Guggenheim.
3 Martin Schoeller assisted Annie Leibovitz and was influenced by the work of The Bechers.
4 Katy Grannan went to Yale and is represented by Fraenkel Gallery.
5 Ryan McGinley is the youngest photographer to ever have a solo exhibit at the Whitney.
6 Steve Pyke is a staff photographer for the New Yorker.

My favorite photographs in the show are Jocelyn Lee's portrait of Robert Indiana. The large as life scale of the print, the confident stare back at the camera, the sage like appearance of black clothes, shoulder length hair, a full gray beard make this a great photograph. Lee has lit the side of his face closest to the camera is brightly, the rest of his face is in shadow. His clothes are a black shapeless mass, very little texture, two buttons are visible, a couple of folds of cloth.

Steve Pyke's portrait of Rem Koolhass is a small black and white darkroom print. The subject is dead center surrounded by a reflection of a concert hall that he had designed. He and the reflection blend together. To his right is his shadow on a wall.

This show ends September 27.

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