Sunday, December 27, 2009

Camera Bags

I have only had a few camera bags, but have always found them to be an essential piece of equipment. My favorite camera bag is a Tamrac backpack. It looks like a conventional backpack to some extent. This bag is no longer made. It is similar to Tamrac's model 750 and 752 Photographer's Daypack.

For days where I need to carry equipment for a long time I use a Pacsafe TrekSafe 100
that I originally bought for another purpose. I was planning a trip to London and read several reports on the Internet stating that London was filled with pickpockets and camera thieves. I did not want my trip ruined by a stolen camera, or actually a stolen memory card. (Cameras are easy to insure and replace. Photographs stored on memory cards cannot be replaced.) London is either not filled with pickpockets or the sight of this bag kept them away. The Pacsafe TrekSafe 100
is not a camera bag and should not be used by itself as a camera bag. The padding in the straps and the padding where the bag rests against my lower back is so comfortable I can’t see any good reason to replace it with a more expensive camera backpack. I put a smaller camera bag inside that can carry an SLR with a lens attached. This is where the camera is actually stored. It is a fully padded bag intended to protect a camera. This bag is no longer made. It is similar to Tamrac's 3536 Express 6 Camera Bag. The larger inner pockets in the Pacsafe bag are more than adequate for my camera accessories.

For trips where I want a computer and a camera in the same bag I carry a LoweproCompuTrekker Plus AW. I doubt it is as theft proof but is nicely designed to deal with the extra weight of a laptop computer.

For rain I carry a Lowepro Nova 2 AW Camera Bag. This has an all weather cover that makes it possible to carry in heavy rain. This bag can be uncomfortable to carry for long periods of time.

As you can see I like Tamrac and Lowepro bags. I find Lowepro to be the better of the two. When I bought my Tamrac backpack 10 years ago I thought it was the best pack of its type for the price. Over the past 10 years I feel that Lowepro has become the best camera bag designer.

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TrekSafe 100 features Slash guard front and bottom panels and tamper-proof zippers. It also has slash-proof shoulder straps, one of which detaches to let you anchor your pack around a secure fixture. The main top compartment opens from the rear for extra security when on the move.


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