Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lightroom Develop Module

Many photographers find Lightroom to be a better starting point for image editing than Photoshop. Lightroom is designed specifically for photography. Photoshop is not. Lightroom cost less, renders images faster, has easy to use editing sliders, offers easier sorting options than Bridge and is suitable for professional photography. The Develop module in Lightroom and Camera Raw in Photoshop offer many of the same options.

Lightroom cannot be used for photo compositing, but it works great for changing contrast and color. I generally start with the Recovery slider, although if the photograph is too dark or too light I then begin with the Exposure slider. If the photograph is excessively warm or cold I begin with the Temp slider. The Recovery slider must be used by holding down the Option key while moving the slider. The photograph will then appear black with some light areas. The light areas are highlights that are excessively light. If the whole area is black, there are no excessively light highlights and therefore no need to use this slider. Sometimes the slider can be moved to 100% and not eliminate all of the excessively light areas.

I do not use Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness or Contrast very often, although I have found these to be very helpful when editing photographs shot with very sensors like those found in cellphone cameras.

The Clarity and Vibrance sliders seem to add some extra punch to most photographs. This is generally the extent of my editing in Lightroom.
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