Sunday, February 12, 2012

Setting Up Lightroom on a Mac

1 Open Lightroom
2 Go to the Lightroom menu and choose Preferences
3 When the Preferences window opens the options at the top from left to right are General, Presets, External Editing, File Handling and Interface
4 Below this is are two setting options. They should both be checked.
5 Moving down to the next choice "Default Catalog" choose "Load most recent catalog"
6 For "Import Options" check only "Show import dialog when a memory card is detected". This covers the General option.
7 Go back to the top and choose Presets
8 Check "Apply auto mix when first converting to black and white"

For everything else leave at the default settings.

Some useful key strokes

Press L key twice> limits display to just the image
Tab key>image fills display but leaves film strip on bottom
Shift+Tab keys > image fills display without film strip on bottom

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