Sunday, April 01, 2012

Choosing a Computer for Image Editing

I use Macintosh computers for editing my photographs. I believe that Apple products are very reliable and I find the free Apple Store tech support a tremendous assett. I edit all of my photographs in Lightroom. For more complex edits I use Photoshop after doing my initial editing in Lightroom. I only use laptops. I find the processing capability adequate and really like the portability. Current 13" MacBook Pros start at $1400 with 4MB of RAM and a 128MB solid state drive. 128MB is a small internal drive and 4MB of RAM a minimal amount of RAM for image editing. 8MB of RAM, which is $200, is a better option if affordable. Solid state drives make everything go faster than with disk drives, but are more expensive and won't last as long. A good alternative to working with a 128MB internal drive is to keep all photographs on external drives.

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