Wednesday, May 09, 2012

After Basic Photography

A question that many students have at the end of any Basic Photography class is what is the next step. For some students the answer is to take more classes and get a BFA and MFA in Photography. Every student and every career photographer values feedback from an audience. We are living in a time where it is easier to reach a large audience than ever before thru sites like Flickr, Alamy, Facebook, Tumblr, PhotoShelter, 500px , Twitter and Linked In. Alamy offers a sales distribution system. PhotoShelter offers a model to self market photographs. All of them offer very real ways to have your work seen by others. The image editing programs Aperture and Lightroom offer a clear alternative to Photoshop for photographs that do not require photo compositing. Photography has become a more democratic medium thru mobile phones and tablets. It is now possible to shoot a good quality photograph, edit it within the device with the apps Snapseed for Apple Devices and PicSayPro for Android Devices and upload it to Facebook or Flickr all in just a few minutes. © 2012 Paul Light all rights reserved


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