Tuesday, March 26, 2013


                                            IMG0080iPH5  House - Salem  © 2013

Autostitch is a computer program designed for creating panoramic photographs. It can also be used to create a photograph with an unusual sense of perspective as seen in Cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso and the collage photographs of David Hockney. The image can be created very quickly and the finished image is fully viewable when done with a phone or tablet. It is a two step process where multiple photographs are shot but not processed until the stitch command is pressed. When done with a camera the finished image cannot be seen until it is processed on a computer.

Using a tripod is helpful, but the most critical elements is that each shot be overlaid with one of the previous shots or the app will quit and get rid of the previous shots. Images can also be constructed by shooting individual images and choosing to enter them into the app at a later point and stitching them together. This app is available for iOS, Android and Windows. The developers are working on a Macintosh version.

Photograph and text ©2013 Paul Light


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