Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photography Magazines Online

When I began photography I read Aperture (USA), Camera (Switzerland) and Creative Camera (UK) as a means of keeping in touch with what was going in photography worldwide. This was 1970. There were no online magazines. There was no Internet. Camera and Creative Camera are gone. To the best of my knowledge Aperture has no immediate plans to offer their magazine online. There are lots and lots of other magazines online. I suspect most, if not all of them, are free. A list called “40 Amazing Online Photography Magazines” has appeared on Delicious. I am only familiar with a few of these. I look forward to looking at all of them. Having seen most of the major galleries and museums go online has greatly elevated the visibility of photography as art. However there continue to be magazines offering work that is truly amazing that hasn’t appeared in major gallery or museum shows yet. This is a great new way to see that art.

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