Monday, April 13, 2009


A tripod serves two functions - providing a support to allow sharp photographs at shutter speeds that are too long for hand holding a camera and for precise framing. My first tripod was a Vivitar tripod. It was the cheapest tripod in the store. After a year or so I realized why it was priced so low. All of the adjustments quickly broke down after about 100 hours of use. They sorta worked. Sometimes they needed to be stabilized with tape. My next tripod was an original Tiltall Tripod. This was what professional photographers were using at the time. The difference was evident within minutes. The adjustments were tight and precise and stayed this way without the aid of tape. This tripod worked very well until I accidentally destroyed it while using it by salt water after 16 years of near daily use.

I now use a Induro C314 Carbon 8x C Series tripod. It goes up to  67.8" without the center post extended. The head is a Really Right Stuff BH40 LR Mid Size Ballhead. It's a great tripod and head, but a bit expensive for anyone new to photography. The Tiltall tripod company has been sold and resold. The quality of the current model is well below the quality of the Tiltall tripod that I bought in 1972. Used ones manufactured by Leitz are still available and are worth buying. For a new tripod I recommend the Manfrotto 394 Tripod and QR Ball Head.

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