Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Creating A Portfolio

A portfolio only serves a limited range of purposes and is a waste of time if the objective is not to show it to other people. It is a lot of work and is never done. A portfolio should begin with the 2 best photographs you have ever made. One should be the first photograph and the other the last photograph. These 2 photographs will change over time, but the 2 best photographs should always be the first and the last.

A portfolio of 2 photographs is too small and should be filled in with 8 – 98 other photographs. The bigger the portfolio, the harder to keep it linked together. It should be linked together by a clear common element. This can be a style of working and/or a common subject.

The more photographs you have to choose from the easier the editing becomes. Showing it to everyone who is willing to look at it is also helpful. Replace photographs often. The world keeps changing and if your portfolio remains fixed, it will eventually look dated.

Presentation is important whether shown as prints or displayed electronically. Where possible work with a graphic designer or web designer. It is unlikely that you understand presentation to the extent that a designer does. Most important of all – keep creating new photographs.

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