Monday, May 18, 2009

What brand to buy

Which is a better camera – Canon or Nikon? Which is a better printer – Canon or Epson or Hewlett Packard? Is Aperture better than Lightroom? These are questions I get almost every day. I use Nikon cameras, Epson printers and Lightroom. (I also edit in Photoshop CS4). Digital photography gets expensive when you feel you must have full featured equipment. The names mentioned are makers of professional equipment and software. So I would look at essential features instead. It is easier to edit a RAW file than even the highest quality JPG. So only consider cameras that have RAW file capability. Both Aperture and Lightroom are very, very different than the image editing programs that come free with computers. They both work great. And inkjet printers that use pigmented ink achieve a better tonal range in black and white. When making color prints the colors displayed are much more the way the camera file looks than those that use dye-based ink. So don’t buy dye-based ink printers. Those should be the real questions, not the brand.

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