Friday, October 26, 2018

Lightroom Editing

I like Photoshop. I use it for all of my editing that requires photo compositing. Photo compositing is taking two or more photographs and combining them into a new single photograph. Otherwise I use Lightroom. My editing is pretty basic most of the time.

In the Develop module I work with 5 sliders and occasionally 7 sliders.

For most of my photographs I set
Clarity to +20
Dehaze to +15
Vibrance to +20
Highlights to push to the left to darken the sky when needed
Shadows I push to the right to lightened excessively dark shadows
Whites I only use when I have pushed Highlights to -100 and the sky is still too light
Blacks I only use when I have pushed Shadows to +100 and the shadows are still too dark


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