Monday, March 07, 2011

Multiple Exposure

Multiple exposure is not an option available on all cameras. It is not a new option, but instead a sporadic option, that is been available on some cameras but not others. It has been available with cameras from the 1950s and earlier. My first multiple exposure camera was a very used Bolsey B2. With the Bolsey the camera was designed with a film transport that instead of the shutter release locking in place after taking a picture, the shutter release could be repeatedly pressed before advancing to the next frame. My more recent multiple exposures were made with a Nikon D80. The firmware on this camera has a double exposure and triple exposure option. Similar results to multiple exposure can be obtained with Photoshop or in darkroom printing using film sandwiching. What’s fun and unique about multiple exposures is seeing this strange imaginary image appear when the film was developed or in the case of a digital camera, appearing on the camera monitor within a few minutes of when the image was conceptualized.

Made with Bolsey B2
61-6A Man Waiting - Worcester Center 1974 ©1978

Made with Nikon D80
DC2897 Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach ©2010

text and photograph ©1978,2010 and 2011 Paul Light all rights reserved