Monday, September 28, 2015

How to convert a group of raw photos to jpeg

insert your device with your pictures 
copy your pictures to a folder on the desktop 

Open Photoshop 

Go To File > Scripts > Image Processor 

in section 1: 
        Select Folder... > select the folder that contains the raw images 
            if you have sub-folders, tick the Include All sub-folders box

in section 2: select where to save the converted photos 
        Either in the same folder as the originals 
        Or in a different folder 

in section 3: 
       select the file format to convert the images to: 
       and set the file format specific options 

in section 4: 
     make sure the "Run Actions" box is not ticked 

click "Run" up to the left of section 1

copy the folder containing the jpegs back to your device or upload straight to flickr

this information courtesy of Samuel Toups